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  1. Communication& Foreign Relation Directorate
  2. Women's Affair Directorate
  3. Audit Directorate
  4. Legal Affairs Directorate
  5. Plan and Budget Preparation Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate
  6. Administrative Tribunal
  7. State Minister Human Resource Management
  8. Inspection Directorate
  9. Human Resource Development& Performance Management
  10. Organizational Structure, Job Evaluation and Payment Studies Directorate
  11. Human Resource Management Information System Directorate
  12. Human Resource Management Directorate
  13. Finance and Procurement Directorate
  14. Property Administration &General Service Directorate
  15. State Minister, Good Governance
  16. Good Governance Affairs Directorate
  17. Citizens and civic societies participation capacity building Directorate
  18. Justice System Reform Program Directorate
  19. State Minister, Government Capacity Building
  20. Information and Communication Technology Directorate
  21. Federal Reform Programs Directorate
  22. Organizational Change Research & Transformation Directorate
  23. Regions and two City Administrations Reform Monitoring and Support Directorate
  24. Special Support Regions Reform Program Direct
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